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Header Search

This search form can be displayed on any page and it's look differs according the position. You can see the full-width state is obtained only when it's right after the menu.

4 Types of Search Bars

Search has been taken to the whole new level with great interactive sentence-like form. You can choose what best suits your site, go for modern featured search or classic conservative search box.

  • Type Search Form is the ordinary one with inputs and selects
  • Type Search Sentence is a fancy one where labels of inputs and selects are formed as a one sentence
  • Type Search Buttons is the search form displayed over google map or other header
  • Type Side Search Form is the search form displayed on side of the google map or other header

You can search by keyword, category and location. Additionally you can turn on geolocation and the radius of searching around your position. We support 2 units, kilometers and miles.




Search Form | demo


Search Sentence | demo


Search Buttons | demo


Side Search Form | demo